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We offer a broad range of trainings that support the long-term behavioral health and wellbeing of all New Mexicans. Together we can make things better.
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As New Mexico's public health institute we believe in – and deeply value – the power of community in creating wellbeing, resilience, diversity, inclusivity and equity. About CHI-PHI
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Local programs providing targeted support

The Center for Health Innovation offers proven, repeatable program structures across the areas of workforce development and education, prevention, county and tribal lands health councils, and drought and climate impact consulting. The workforce education programs are for individuals from middle school through college and post graduate. Prevention and Community Health Councils serve all residents, and are generally grant funded. You can learn more about our Funders & Partners here.

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Workforce Education & Continuing Professional Development

Healthcare jobs are vital in every community, but even more so in remote and rural New Mexico where there is a shortage of certified professionals. We offer a wide range of information, support and training across age groups and demographics. Our programs in this area include:

  • Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training.
  • Southern Area Health Education Center.
  • Rural Workforce Development Health Education.
  • Para-professional Certification Consulting.


We believe that wellness is the first step in improving public health and that by engaging communities in health, wellbeing and resilience education, and working with communities and individuals before health effects occur, we can improve the future of individual and community health.

  • Coalition Against Teens Using Substances .
  • Sierra County Prevention.
  • Unified Prevention Coalition.
  • Youth Substance Awareness and Prevention Coalition.

County & Tribal Lands-Driven Health Initiatives

Community-driven conversations, plans and action lead to actionable advocacy, policy, and change. Having a localized health council provides a central place to identify, prioritize, discuss, and develop solutions regarding community concerns. It also provides a way to advocate for subgroups of the population regarding crucial issues, and relay concerns to local political leaders. The issues and initiatives are as varied and unique as each community, often including health, prevention and climate issues.

  • Grant County Community Health Council.
  • Hidalgo County Health Council.
  • Climate Change Health Impacts & Community Action.
Have questions? Want to learn more about our existing programs or consider one for your community?